Yesterday evening at 23:12 hours our engine was requested into Piscataway Township to cover River Road’s firehouse while they operated on a structure fire. Engine 561 responded with a 5 man crew. Shortly after calling in service the engine was redirected to the scene. Upon their arrival the crew stretched a supply line to River Road Engine 652. The crew then went to work assisting in ventilation , checking for extension , and hitting hot spots in the fire room and adjoining apartments. The crew operated for approximately 1 hour before being cleared. 


Yesterday morning at 03:19 hours our RIT was requested into District 3 for a working structure fire. Rescue 56 with a crew of 6 and Car 562 responded. Upon their arrival the crew conducted 360’s and set up on the A side of the structure. The crew stood by without incident for approximately 1 1/2 hours before being cleared. 


After clearing an AFA across the district, Engine 561 came across a 2 car MVC on Easton Ave in the area of the 287 northbound ramp. After radioing in to County Communications , Rescue 56 was requested for possible entrapment and Engine 261 for a blocker. The crew of Engine 561 quickly went to work accessing the drivers for injuries. Car 562 arrived and assumed command. After confirming no entrapment , the combined crews secured the batteries to both vehicles and stood by until being cleared by state police. 


This morning at 10:05 hours our dive team was requested into District 2 for a vehicle submerged in the water , unknown if occupied. Car 56 , Car 562 , Rescue 56 , and Special Ops 56 towing Marine 2 and Marine 3 responded. Once on scene the team gathered information and entered the water. Shortly after the first diver descended , the vehicle was located. After confirming there were no occupants and searching the immediate area , the divers came to shore and waited for the tow company. Once the wrecker arrived divers entered the water to assist in rigging the vehicle for removal. After the vehicle was removed the team was released after operating for 3 and 1/2 hours.


This morning at 08:28 hours District 1 companies were dispatched to the intersection of Easton Ave and JFK Blvd for the overturned tractor trailer. Car 562 arrived and confirmed the overturn with no entrapment and an active fuel leak. On their arrival the crew from Rescue 56 applied speedy dry until Hazmat 26 arrived and took over spill control. Car 562 and Hazmat 26 then stood by until the vehicle was uprighted. All units were clear in approximately 2 hours. 


This evening at 21:43 hours our RIT was requested into District 3 for a commercial structure fire. Rescue 56 responded with a crew of 6 along with Car 562. Once on scene the crew set up on the A side of the structure and conducted 360’s to identify potential hazards to crews working on the fire ground. The crew stood by without incident for approximately 40 minutes before being cleared. 


On July 20th we held our annual dive/boat drill at Donaldson Park. Our divers and tenders practiced suiting up , dive tending and search patterns. Members also practiced boat handling , docking , and how to right and overturned boat. Great day of training and hard work by all. Thank you to Millstone Valley (Station 28) for providing rehab and a cooling tent, and to East Millstone First Aid for providing ems coverage. 


On July 19th at 19:23 hours our engine was requested into South Bound Brook for a 2nd alarm structure fire. Engine 562 responded with a 4 man crew and arrived as the 2nd due engine. The fire was quickly extinguished by first arriving companies , the crew assisted with checking for extension, ventilation and overhaul. Van 56 and Car 56 also responded with additional manpower. All 56 units were clear after approximately 1 1/2 hours.