District 3 Natural Gas Leak RIT Assignment

This morning at 07:52 hours, our RIT was requested into District 3 for a car vs. building with a natural gas main struck. Car 56 and Rescue 56 with a crew of 5 responded. Upon their arrival, the crew conducted 360’s and set up at the A/B corner of the structure. The crew stood by without incident for approximately 1 hour before being cleared.

North Brunswick RIT Assignment

This afternoon at 13:21 hours our RIT was requested into North Brunswick for a 2nd alarm structure fire. Rescue 56 and Car 562 responded with a combined crew of 6. Once on scene, the crew conducted their 360’s and set up on the A side of the fire building. Shortly after, the RIT was activated for a downed firefighter in the rear of the structure. Within moments the team was tending to the patient. The crew performed patient assessment, gear removal, and provided oxygen until EMS arrived. After assisting with loading the patient into an ambulance, the crew was sent to rehab. Station 25 was requested to the scene to set up an additional RIT in the rear of the building. After rehab, both crews stood by without further incident and cleared after approximately 2 hours.

South Bound Brook 2nd Alarm Structure Fire

This morning at 11:43 hours, Engine 562 was requested into South Bound Brook for a 2nd alarm structure fire. Engine 562 with a 4 man crew and Car 56 responded. On arrival, the crew was tasked with primary searches and assisted in fire suppression and overhaul. Once the Engine had cleared, our dewatering equipment was requested back to the scene. Special Ops 56 towing our pump trailer, and Van 56 responded. Once on scene, the crews assisted in removing water from the fire building. All 56 units were clear in approximately 5 hours.

Smithwold Ct. 2nd Alarm Structure Fire

This evening at 18:32 hours, Franklin District 1 companies were dispatched to Smithwold Court for a reported house fire. While en route Car 562 advised County Comms he had smoke visible from a distance and requested the 1st alarm be filled. Once on location Car 562 (Deputy Chief Gianotto) established command, advised he had heavy fire through the roof and requested the 2nd alarm be filled. On the arrival Engine 562, the crew pulled additional lines off of Engine 442 and immediately started fire suppression. Engine 561, Car 56, Van 56, and Special Ops 56 were also on location. The various crews were responsible for fire suppression, ventilation, searches, and extensive overhaul. All units were cleared in approximately 3 and 1/2 hours.

Easton & Cedar Grove MVC

On May 30th, 2019 Van 44 came across an MVC at the corner of Easton and Cedar. Once it was confirmed with injuries, Rescue 56 which was traveling on Easton Ave with 2 EMT’s on board quickly responded. Once on scene, the crew assessed 1 patient with a minor arm injury. Patient care was transferred on the arrival of RWJ BLS.